Can I reserve a specific model?

If different vehicle models are offered under a rental car category, no specific one can be booked. The rental cars shown by us are to be understood as an example that shows the performance of the vehicle category.

How do the different rental car agencies differ?

VIA rent a Car offers a wide range of vehicles from small cars to SUVs with a large number of collection points across the country. The provider REX specializes in various medium to luxury vehicles and is currently the only one to offer minivans. In terms of price, REX is higher than VIA, but has the advantage of returning the car to more than 10 locations without repatriation costs.

Can I freely choose the rental location?

If you pick up and drop off the car at the same location, you can freely choose the station. For the vehicle fleet planning, however, the rental agency may specify a different point within the city. This is especially the case if the rental car is dropped off in another province.

Can I return the car at a different location than planned?

If your travel plans change along the way, you can also drop off the car at a different station. The employee in the relevant station will adjust the return costs if necessary. Please note that the return fee for the original booking is due on the first day when picking up the rental car.

Is there any additional insurance coverage that covers the deductible?

No upgrade to insurance is possible in Cuba. After booking the rental car, you can request additional insurance from insurance providers such as Hansemerkur or Allianz.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?

When accepting the rental car at the airport, the agency will use your flight number. If the flight is delayed, the rental station will be waiting for you. Please advise of complete flight time changes prior to arrival.

Are there navigation devices on site or can I bring my own?

There are no navigation devices available in Cuba. The import of navigation systems is still prohibited. We recommend that you download an offline route planner to your smartphone before arrival and use it instead. In our office in Havana you also can purchase a road map of Cuba.

Which car category suits my vacation?

A small car is sufficient for 2-3 travelers, for 3-4 adults we recommend a mid-range car or SUV. It mainly depends on the amount of luggage. In order to make the most of the trunk, it is advisable not to travel exclusively with hard-shell suitcases, but also to plan flexible bags and backpacks. In Eastern Cuba and a jeep is advisable when driving to remote places such as Cayo Jutías or Maria La Gorda. REX’s minivan is the largest category in terms of the number of seats. But the trunk, contrary to expectations, does not offer the appropriate storage space. Better consider 2 mid-size cars rather than a minivan.