General Information

Booking requirements:

A valid driver’s license from your country is sufficient. The minimum age of the driver is 18 years for VIA and 21 years for REX and you must have at least 1 year of driving experience.

The same requirements apply to additional drivers as to the main driver. They must be registered in the car rental point when the rental agreement is concluded; prior registration is not possible.

They must be registered on site when the rental agreement is concluded; prior registration is not possible. Each additional driver will be charged USD 3 (Cubacar) or USD 30 (VIA Rent a Car) or 10 CUC (REX) per rental day.

The minimum rental period is 3 days.

Important information for Cuban citizens: You must present a residence permit outside of Cuba at the rental station (identity card, passport, long-term visa), as the reservation is made through our agency with headquarters outside of Cuba. This does not apply to second drivers. The minimum age for Cubans is also 21 years with a 2-year driving license.

Price information:

The prices in the price tables are per day. A rental day is calculated for the following 24 hours from the time you take the car. If the return time is later than the pick-up time on the first day you need to book an additional day. Extension of the rental period on site must be paid to the rental agency. In this case apply the current prices of the provider. Please note for your travel planning: Due to the general supply shortfall in Cuba, there may be delays on the pick-up day up to several hours. We therefore recommend taking the rental car in the late afternoon one day before you will leave with the car instead of the same morning. All rental car prices include unlimited free kilometers.

On-site costs:

1) Insurance: In the prices of VIA rent a Car the insurance is included in the daily rate. A compulsory insurance is charged per rental day within the other companies. The price is between 10 and 30 USD per day depending on the rental agency and the type of car. You can see the respective amount when selecting the rental car.

2) One-way fees (also known as return costs): If the rental vehicle is not returned at the same point (“one-way rental”), the rental car agency will charge a fee. The amount depends primarily on the distance between pick-up and drop-off place of the car. A distance table of the provinces and the return costs are available on request, as a guideline you can assume 0,20 USD / km. The following applies to the REX rental car agency: The agency does not charge one-way fee between the different REX main offices in Cuba.

3) Service Fee: When renting at international Cuban airports, the local rental car agencies charge a service fee of 20 USD.

4) Gas/Petrol: With REX, the landlord charges a full tank when renting, so you return the car with an empty tank. The rest in the tank is non-refundable. At the other rental agencies, the car is returned with the same level of fuel as it was accepted.

5) Deposit: Depending on the rental agency and the type of car, a deposit must be paid. The amount is between 150 and 450 USD. The deposit has to be made with a credit card, but it will not be debited from your card. As soon as you have properly returned the car, the deposit will be released.

For all costs incurred on site: When paying by credit card, the holder of the card must be identical to the main driver named in the booking. Network failures can occur and credit card payments for the insurance company and deposit of the deposit are not possible in exceptional cases.


The insurance is part of the rental contract with the rental car agency. In the prices of VIA rent a Car the insurance is included in the daily rate. It basically covers all possible damage (fire, accident, theft, etc.) to your own and a third party involved in an accident. If the policyholder is at fault, he bears retention in the amount of the deposit. With REX, no deductible is due, even if the driver is at fault, unless the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident or the driver is not registered with REX. Letting people outside the contract drive always leads to the expiry of the insurance cover. Please note that any damage must be recorded by the police! Statutory liability insurance for damage to third party property in the event of an accident is 15.000 and 5.000 USD per person for injury or death to a third party. If the damage includes more than one person, the total sum is limited to 25.000 USD.

Pick-up of the rental car:

Please remember to take your passport and driver’s license with you to the station, copies will not be accepted. The avenTOURa voucher with the booking number is also required as a printout.

Opening times: At international airports, the pick-up stations are open as long as there are flights (please send us your flight number with the reservation). In the city offices or at hotels the car rental is possible usually only during normal office hours.

Time: The time specified in the booking confirmation is binding for picking up the rental car. If you arrive too late at the rental station, the agency reserves the right to give the car to other customers.

Return the rental car:

The rental car must be returned by the main driver of the rental agreement. If the car is returned by the second driver, REX will incur a penalty fee of 50 USD. The other rental agencies can refuse acceptance and charge their own extra fees.

If you want to return the rental car early for reasons for which you are responsible, you are not entitled to a refund of the unused rental days. The rental car agency usually provides no refunds. As a result, avenTOURa, as the agent of the service, cannot make any reimbursements. If you have travel interruption insurance and have to interrupt the trip due to illness, you can submit a reimbursement application to the insurance company, which will then decide on a possible reimbursement.

If you want to return the rental car early, contact our office in Havana. This is the only way we can try to get a refund from the Cuban rental car agency, although there is no legal claim to it.


Since mid-2019, there have been increasing supply problems with gasoline in some Cuban provinces (especially in the east of the country) due to the US embargo. At VIA, rental cars are only given out with a partially full tank (they are returned with the same tank filling). There may be closings or longer waiting times at the pumps in the affected provinces. The supply situation often changes very quickly, so that a medium or long-term forecast is not possible.

We generally recommend using every opportunity to fill up wherever possible. We also recommend that when you accept the rental car, you speak to the employees of the rental agency about gasoline bottlenecks, showing the planned route. They often have up-to-date information from their stations across the country and will tell you where there may be bottlenecks. All rental cars are fueled with Gasolina Especial (1,20 USD per liter), only the REX minivan is a diesel vehicle (1,00 USD per liter)

Please note that avenTOURa is not liable for bottlenecks in the fuel supply. We also do not give any refunds if the rental car can only be used to a limited extent due to the lack of petrol.

Short term bookings:

Please note that rental cars must be booked at least 3 working days before departure in order to be able to complete the booking and confirmation process in good time before your departure. For the high season (Christmas-New Year-Easter-Summer Holidays) it is advisable to book the car as soon as the trip is certain. If you cannot find a suitable car on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cancellation or rebooking:

With the delivery of the booking confirmation, our terms and conditions apply, from which the cancellation conditions and further information emerge.

Rebooking to your reservation cannot be guaranteed: Every change (name of the main driver, travel dates, additional rental days, etc.) leads to the cancellation of your booking internally at the car rental company and is rebooked there with the new details. It may be that there is no longer a suitable car available. When booking, please ensure that all details are correct.


Please note that avenTOURa GmbH is only the agent of the contract and therefore the car rental and use do not represent a contractual obligation of avenTOURa. Your contractual partner is the respective rental car company named in the booking confirmation. The guarantee and liability are based on the contractual and legal provisions that apply to the rental car company. Any claim or complaint that may be necessary must be clarified by you with the local rental agency. Our agency in Havana will be happy to help you with this. Make sure that there is a written confirmation of the complaint from the rental car agency (normally a note on the rental contract). Please keep the rental contract during the trip and insist on a copy of the contract after you have returned the rental car. If you cannot clarify the matter on site, we absolutely need a copy of the rental agreement (photo / scan) in order to contact the Cuban agency after your holidays.